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Australians In The USA *The back-story*

Back in 2005 a few fellow-travellers from downunder randomly bumped into each other in various and unexpected places, and ended up getting together to celebrate an Australia Day (of all things!) – in a culturally relevant & geographically convenient way.  Not the first time such a thing was heard of happening – however this time the early flames of the “Aussies International” network were sparked!

These expat sojourners found this to be a refreshing cultural oasis worthy of replication, and, of course, the idea seems to has taken off.  As folks moved about and other friends popped up in different parts of the US, we have grown from one group in one city to now having assembled a network of communities across the country – supported by a somewhat autonomous fb group/community in each and every US state for all Aussies (& Kiwis) “in exile” to call their own !

So now gatherings are happening casually from time to time across the US – we gather together (both virtually/online & sometimes EVEN in person!) for the occasional yarn, cool beverage (or 2), pie, lamington &/or pav, etc – and this will help keep (some of) us from getting too homesick &/or stir-crazy – and even grow some close friendships.


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